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  • “I sent both my children to Childtowne. The staff are caring and knowledgeable. Over time they became extended family. The educational programming is excellent. I feel my daughter entered first grade advanced in her cultural knowledge, spelling, and vocabulary. I highly recommend you visit and see for yourself how this Montessori school can enrich your child’s early childhood years. If we could we’d do it all over again!”
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  • “All our children have been lucky enough to benefit from the amazing education at Childtowne Montessori. This school is an absolute gem. It has small classroom sizes and the teachers are extraordinary! All the teachers are Montessori trained and bring the philosophy to each child in an individualized way. Our children have really enjoyed the added benefits of Music, Spanish, and the outdoor education that is brought inside the classroom walls. We are excited about the additions to programs for next year, such as yoga and cooking! I owe a huge thank you to the Childtowne staff for helping us navigate the early years of discipline and child-rearing while providing our children with love and an outstanding education!”
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  • “We’ve had a very positive experience with this school. My child has discovered the love of learning and her growth is amazing—both socially and intellectually. Teachers are encouraging and challenging in the nurturing environment. She is in pre-K and is already reading! It is a wonderful place for our child and I highly recommend it.”
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  • “They teach kids to understand why they may feel a certain way and why it is important to understand the feelings of others.”
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  • “This is a great little Montessori school. Loving, dedicated, teachers, and strong community amongst parents. The teachers were very available to me and always willing to go the extra mile for my children. My two children flourished here and transitioned beautifully to 1st grade in traditional school. Both arrived at first grade academically ahead, confident, and independent! The full day kindergarten program does a great job blending Montessori and traditional curriculum, making the transition after graduation really easy. Pretty, spacious classrooms with a great shady playground.”
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  • “The school teaches the children about all cultures and people. They focus on the idea of mindfulness and kindness to all.”
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  • “Why did I choose Childtowne Montessori for my two children? There are a lot of answers to that question, but the most important for me had to do with the care and love of learning the Childtowne teachers modeled for them. Education for toddlers and young children is not about the details of numbers and letters. Toddlers and young children need to learn to love learning and crave more information. They need to learn how to show care and compassion for others. Above anything else, the teachers at Childtowne modeled those behaviors day in and day out. Today, my children love to pick up a new book to learn about whatever is inside. They are concerned when their friends are hurting and laugh with them when they are happy. I wanted this start for my children and found just what I was looking for in the teachers at Childtowne.”
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  • “Finding the right pre-school was a concern and number one priority for our family. We needed something more than a nursery school. After touring several local preschools, we were blown away with Childtowne Montessori. We were struck by the classical music playing in the background as well as how happy and busy the children were working. No one was yelling: “my turn,” or “it’s mine,” or crying, which was a unique when comparing our experience to the other tours we took at other pre-schools.”
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  • “Childtowne is a home away from home for my three children. Every school day they look forward to greeting their teacher at the door with a smile, handshake, and personal interaction. I really enjoy hearing about the activities that the children chose that day, as well as the social interplay. Overall, Childtowne provides an effective early childhood education curriculum. I am so pleased with my family's experience with this school, as well as the academic and social growth I have seen in my kids.”
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  • “My children transitioned wonderfully into grade school and in 1st grade they stood out as amazing students. They all have different passions but they all love to learn, which I credit to Childtowne Montessori. I feel confidently that the Montessori program is a key to their success. I have saved some works from all my kids because I found their projects impressive and endearing. My favorite is the name tracing. I still have the 1st one they attempted at age 3 and love to compare it to the last one they did when they graduated kindergarten. It is a real and physical representation of their growth they experience during the three years.”
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  • “The school has been around for well over 40 years because it consistently follows the Maria Montessori philosophy. This school is the best gift you can give your child. It is one of the best decisions we made.”
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  • “We are so privileged to have sent our three children through Montessori program at Childtowne. The Montessori method of learning has afforded our children a solid foundation and clear sense of cultural perspective and understanding in preparing for their future. Our youngest is currently enrolled in the toddler program and she is already learning to be an independent free thinker among her peers as she navigates her journey through life. The staff is so attentive to parents needs and always readily available for questions. Throughout the school year there are many opportunities for social gatherings and fun events taking place that involves children and parents’ interaction with the teachers and staff. Montessori has become an extended family of sorts through the years as relationships have developed and blossomed outside the classroom. The Montessori method is for real, but I am a firm believer that the teachers and staff bring it to life inside the classroom. We see the results in our two older children as they entered first grade in the public school system advanced among peers in maturity, focused, and self-motivated in the challenges they faced.”


A glimpse into Childtowne Montessori School.


Open House Friday, April 26th

Prospective parents only: Please join us from 6:00pm - 6:30pm to meet our talented teaching staff and tour our classrooms.

From 6:30pm - 7:30pm we invite everyone: (both current and prospective parents) to view a powerful and informative video in the Childtowne Montessori auditorium. We will stream one of the Key note seminars from the 2019 AMS (American Montessori Society) conference.

Enrollment has begun!

Our “Open Enrollment” period begins on March 1st for the 2019 - 2020 school year.

For more information, please look here.

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