Reasons to Attend Kindergarten

The Montessori learning experience is a cumulative cycle. The Kindergarten year at Childtowne Montessori School is the culmination of learning that has taken place in your child’s previous years in the Montessori classroom. In the Montessori environment, there is great emphasis on the child experiencing the concrete manipulative before the transition into abstract thinking. Kindergarten is when the move into the abstraction takes place, and many of these connections are made. Your child will benefit from the additional year of individualized instruction using Montessori materials before moving on to first grade.

Why would I have my child attend private Kindergarten when public school is free?

  • Comfort level in the environment, consistent teachers, routine, and expectations.
  • Opportunity to solidify skills using the Montessori method, whose materials emphasize individual learning and instruction.
  • Reinforces the understanding of material and concept rather than rote memorization.
  • Allows for continued academic success and increased self-confidence. The math and language materials in particular help build a strong academic foundation.
  • The Montessori kindergarten program completes the learning cycle initiated in preschool.
  • Motivates interest and promotes readiness for advanced work.
  • Leadership. As a “senior” in the Childtowne Montessori community, the Kindergarten children are leaders in their classrooms and throughout the school. With great pride, they take this leadership role and the responsibility that comes with it quite seriously!