Admissions Guidelines

Childtowne Montessori School will consider many factors during the admissions process.

We recognize that choosing a preschool is an important decision and work to ensure a fair and informed experience.

While considering if Childtowne Montessori is the right fit for your family and child we look at some of the following criteria:

  • Classroom dynamic
  • Age (creating a balanced mixed age ratio)
  • Gender balance
  • Sibling preference
  • Independence level
  • School readiness
  • Time of year
  • Prior Montessori experience
  • Social and emotional development
  • Schedule preference
  • Toileting independence (Primary)

Consideration will always be given to exceptional cases that may arise, but it is within this framework that final decisions are made by the admissions committee.

Admissions Timeline

Both Primary and Pre-Primary applications will be reviewed on a rolling admissions basis but are encouraged to be submitted ASAP for consideration for the current school year.

Enrollment for the upcoming school year for both current and prospective students begins February. Please reference the admissions process for details regarding preliminary steps that must occur before being considered for admissions such as a tour and visitation.