Childtowne Montessori School

Dedicated to following the child since 1969

Childtowne Montessori first opened its doors in 1969 and has continued to provide an outstanding Montessori experience to children and their families ever since.

Our philosophy

We are dedicated to promoting joy in learning, following the child, and encouraging the development of the whole child through the Montessori philosophy.

At Childtowne Montessori we offer an outstanding Montessori education and one of a kind family experience. We are highly rated for our diverse and substantial programs, secure and engaging learning environments, qualified and experienced staff, and for parent satisfaction.

Our teachers

Our highly-trained Montessori-certified teachers meet the needs, strengths, curiosities and interests of children through hands-on discovery while also following their natural learning style.

Our classrooms

All classrooms at Childtowne Montessori practice the Montessori philosophy and approach to learning, led by Montessori trained teachers and staff. Our classrooms are all equipped with high-quality, educational, hands-on equipment and materials.

Visit us!

We are located in Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. If you are interested in learning more about Childtowne Montessori and the wonderful programs we offer for children 18 months through kindergarten, including yoga, cooking classes, art, music, Spanish lessons, and more. Please give us a call: 215-357-3930

We would be happy to answer any of your questions. At your convenience, we provide tours where you can observe our Montessori classrooms in action. We also offer an opportunity for your child to visit and spend time in a Montessori classroom with one of our teachers.

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