Admissions Process

Step 1: Come visit! The best way to understand and learn about Childtowne Montessori School is to come and experience it firsthand. Please call to schedule a Tour day and observe our Montessori classroom communities in action. Tours consist of an information session, a classroom observation, and conclude with a parent interview. Typically, this process is one hour long and is intended for adults only.

All tours must be scheduled. Please call the office at 215-357-3930 to schedule. While you are visiting the classroom, it is helpful to keep in mind that not all Montessori schools are created equal. Here are some tips for identifying an authentic classroom.

Step 2: Complete and submit the Childtowne Montessori Application along with a non-refundable application fee of $50 to Childtowne Montessori School.

Please mail a $50 check made out to "Childtowne Montessori School" or pay via PayPal or Credit Card below.

If a child has previous school / day care experience, copies of transcripts and / or progress reports are required before the child visit will be scheduled.

While there is no application deadline, we advise that applications be submitted by February 1st in order to ensure consideration for admissions for the following school year. After that date, applications are considered as availability and classroom balance allow.

This step must be completed before a child visit is scheduled.

The information contained in the application process will be kept confidential.

Step 3: Schedule a visit for your child. Your child will independently meet with one of our lead Montessori teachers where he or she will have the opportunity to receive Montessori lessons and become familiar with our school environment. Close attention is paid to the child’s comfort in separating from parents. We also look at the child’s ability to follow a lesson and engage with the Montessori materials. Lastly, we assess their general sense of comfort in the classroom environment. This is an imperative step to determine if the school is a good fit.

Step 4: Applicants will be notified of admissions decisions within a week of the child’s visitation.