Childtowne Montessori School Kindergarten

The Montessori Kindergarten Program is a full-day program open to those students eligible for kindergarten in their home district and who have been recommended by their preschool teacher regarding readiness.

“Over time, Montessori children fared better: academic achievement, social understanding, a mastery of orientation, and reportedly more liking of school tasks.”

Angeline Lilliard, Megan Heise, Eve Richey, Xin Tong, Alyssa Hart and Paige Bray
Department of Psychology University of Virginia and Department of Education University of Hartford

This vital Kindergarten year combines the opportunity to use advanced Montessori materials along with traditional educational curriculum to prepare for a smooth transition into first grade.

The program is unique because it allows the children to step into a leadership role in their morning Montessori classroom and experience a more rigorous Kindergarten program in the afternoon with dynamic cultural studies.

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Group of children with a teacher under a tree


There is a new Kindergarten evaluation form that will come home in the fall as well as the spring. It will provide each family with more information and will serve as a clear way to see growth, as well as an outline of what to expect over the course of the school year.

Boy and girl playing with blocks


New materials for the Kindergarten classroom include Elementary Grammar Materials, the Multiplication Bead Board, and the Power of three Cube.

Girl playing on a mat


In the language curriculum, we have added a year round author study as well as a play adapted from a book about animal migration, which will be written and performed by the children.

Group of children drawing with a teacher outside.


We will make efforts, whenever possible, to incorporate the outdoors into the curriculum. This is a pillar of the Montessori education that is often underutilized. For example, the current science unit on seasons will now include an outdoor animal tracking component!