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Childtowne Montessori History

In the beginning, five mothers had a dream to provide their pre-school children with a Montessori education. Because a Montessori school did not exist in the area, they decided to open their own. It took nine months of hard work before Childtowne Montessori was born. These five visionaries, Irene Gordon, Barbara Platt, Ilene Stern, Lynda Stock and Jan Felgoise opened Childtowne Montessori in 1969 and it has continued to grow and provide an outstanding Montessori education ever since.

Historical photo of 1973 class

Dr. Montessori’s classroom was not much different from what you would find today at Childtowne Montessori. The prepared environment is warm, inviting, and promotes independence. Each class consists of mixed age groups ranging from eighteen months to three (the toddlers), and three to six year olds (the early childhood classes). Montessori designed her materials to meet the needs of the children she was working with, but more importantly, they appealed to the child’s innate interests. Many of the same materials, such as the pink tower and the geometry cabinet, are still being used today.

If you observe the children in the classroom, you will see them working not at a desk but on rugs and small tables. Immediately you will realize that this is not a typical preschool environment as you watch a child polishing a mirror, shoes, or a brass vase. You may find a three-year-old cutting bananas and serving his or her friend. Because taking care of the environment is an essential part of the philosophy, you may see a child watering plants or washing dishes with an apron on, of course! Remarkably, you will see everyone cleaning up after him or herself.

Over the years, Childtowne Montessori has grown from a school of twenty children, but that small school charm has remained. Located at 1380 Bristol Road in Churchville, it serves Montgomery and Bucks County. The success of our school is attributed to the overwhelming support and devotion from the staff and the Childtowne Montessori families. We are fortunate to have Heads of School and teachers that are Montessori trained and dedicated to carrying on the Montessori philosophy and dream that our founders began nearly 50 years ago.

For more information, please call us at 215-357-3930.


A glimpse into Childtowne Montessori School.


Open House Friday, April 26th

Prospective parents only: Please join us from 6:00pm - 6:30pm to meet our talented teaching staff and tour our classrooms.

From 6:30pm - 7:30pm we invite everyone: (both current and prospective parents) to view a powerful and informative video in the Childtowne Montessori auditorium. We will stream one of the Key note seminars from the 2019 AMS (American Montessori Society) conference.

Enrollment has begun!

Our “Open Enrollment” period begins on March 1st for the 2019 - 2020 school year.

For more information, please look here.

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